Monday, August 20, 2007

Journal - Kiddie Day

It has been quite a day. Firstly, we had a little drama at 8.45a.m. when I sent Clarissa to her piano exam. Sean suddenly remembered that Clarissa did not have her glasses with her. After 2 frantic calls, 1 to the driver to drive like a madman and the 2nd to my trusty domestic engineer to wait for him with her glasses. Phew, we made it in the nick of time. Bless those 2 for helping.

Then it was another mad dash for me to get home, shower, etc and send my father-in-law to the hospital. The doctor was late and we finally finished the appointment at around 11.30a.m. It was picking up the kids and another mad dash to KLCC to meet up with Sharon and co for lunch and Aquaria.

On the way, I had Omar and Sabrina joining us. It is great to see that even though they are not in the same school, both get along with my kids like the best of friends. Nearly every photo that I took of Omar and Sean - they have their arms around each other.

The girls walked hand-in-hand - the 3 of them (Sabrina, Clarissa and Nadia) - very heart warming and I am so glad they get along really well. They don't see each other often but they get along well.

Was glad when we got to Aquaria, the kids oohhh and aaahhhed over the fishes and enjoyed the touch pool tremendously. Note to the people at Aquaria - Please man your touch pool. Otherwise, put up the signs on rules and regulations of the touch pool. It was a shame that I noticed a few starfish was being mishandled and some were lying upside down, possibly dead??? I had to tell a number of people not to remove the starfish from the touch pool or otherwise they will die. Perhaps, there should be an improvement in this matter. Thanks.

We adopted 2 turtles today. The donation will help fund teh following reseach programs;

1) tagging and monitoring of turtles and terrapins using microchip
2) efforts of monitoring turtle landings
3) efforts of monitoring turtle death
4) efforts of monitoring the sex ratio of hatchings at hatcheries

It only RM150 per turtle adoption. Kids get a certificate, a specially minted turtle coin and a t-shirt. For those of you reading - it is a worthy cause as figures show that the sea turtles will be extinct in 10 years. Come on everyone, if we pitch in, we may be able to reverse or at least delay this for our future generations. Remember "Crush" from Nemo, we are fighting to save Crush, folks.

Clarissa named her turtle Zoe which was tagged no 07156458088880000049 - and Sean's turtle is tagged no 0752458088880000051 and named Zack. Hope these 2 little beauties will survive the odds and lead a long and fruitful live. That is our good deed to the environment this year.

When we finally said our goodbyes at 3.20p.m, kids were reluctant to part...Aww..... Never mind, there will be another play date. I sneaked in a nap as I was really tired. After dinner I took father-in-law for a walk at KLCC as his blood pressure was 160 - very high. Sigh... Praying hard nothing happens. Anyway, I would have to get the kids for bed. one last post and I am done!

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