Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Journal - Zoo Visit

We had a busy morning again today. It was off to the zoo with Sharon and Joanna with all the kiddoes. Kids were very well behaved and enjoyed the trip very much. Both Ariff and Zachary walked a lot - well done Ariff and Zac!

Lunch was at the restaurant inside and we played music on the jukebox which we enjoyed.

Sean had a good time just wrapping the snake around his neck for pictures. The zoo keeper was kind enough to let me have a go and the python was heavy and he really felt cool and not slimy at all!

Nadia stayed over and played with the kids. They had a great time at the pool. They pretended that Sean was the dolphin and Nadia and Clarissa were to whistle if they wanted him to swim over to them. Then he changed into a Merman. They then proceeded to have flowers in their hair, including Sean. That was hilarious. Stupid old me - didn't take the camera to snap the picture. Anyway, this was one of the most relaxing days of the holidays and the kids had a great time.

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